The Journey Into The Symbols of Ancient Truths

What are these symbols?

The Symbols of Ancient Truths are connected to Mother Earth and Truth. I would like to share my experiences of the birthing of each symbol and what they represent. All the symbols came through to me while immersed in Mother Nature. Each symbol appeared at different times and it was like there was a knowing of what each symbol represented. Over the span of seven years the symbols were birthed. Each symbol seemed to birth it’s own energy and as I practised using the symbols on myself and others different experiences were felt. I started to use them in the Reiki Treatments and Attunement workshops. The symbols would present themselves before the client arrived. For example if there was too much heat or fire in someones body then I would use the symbol Ma- Ha – Leem I am water to balance out the heat. The symbol would be drawn and pulsated into the body. A remembering and awakening seem to be stirring within as I became familiar with the symbols. The word balance created a strong connection to the symbols.

Each symbol starts with the words I am, which represented who we are. Then different Archangels and Goddess’s came through as each symbol was birthed. When working on clients the Archangel or Goddess connected to the symbols would be present to assist in the reiki treatment. These symbols seem to be birthed from another dimension and Mother Earth was revealing each one at the appropriate time. Each symbol is like a thread assisting us in becoming present to the oneness of life. The symbols have been birthed from the cloth of oneness unravelling the threads to assist us in remembering our magnificence.

Mother earth reveals many things especially when I am present to her magnificence. There are so many temples and spaces created by nature where one can be immersed and connected to the whispering and songs from Mother Earth. Through listening from the heart places are revealed where one can sit and realign to balancing our masculine and feminine energy. Sitting upon a rock the view of the horizon where the sea meets the sky opens up and reveals the courage of the masculine to stand in your truth and walk the path least travel. This cliff top is where I go to sit and be present to Mother Earth as secrets are revealed and I feel the masculine energy stirring within. Stand tall and become life balancing the shadow and light of the masculine there is nowhere to hide. A small bay of water cocooned by bushland is where I sit to balance the feminine energy. I feel safe and secure here as messages are received and creations beyond time are revealed and remembered. These spaces are liken to sanctuaries, which I gravitate to when the body needs to be balanced

The time of balancing the masculine and feminine energy is being birthed as each of us begins to remember our truth. The symbols are here to assist you in remembering the oneness of being present to life. Each symbol will intuitively assist you in awakening and being present to Mother Earth and your truth. As I began working with the different symbols I found myself singing songs connected to the symbols, especially when I was immersed in Mother Nature. Once again an experienced of knowing these songs reverberated through my being. This is the time for finding our voice as new ways of being are birthed. The shackles of mass consciousness have created disconnection, fear and separation. Mother Earth is asking you to remember and become present to her beauty and magnificence.

The book The Journey Into The Symbols of Ancient Truth was created so the symbols and songs could be shared. They are a gift from Mother Earth and the Guardians of Truth if these words are resonating for you the book maybe purchased from Find your voice as we assist each other on this journey of remembering. I would like to leave you with a phrase that came through and is part of the next book Dying to Be Born.

To the Magnificent you

I love your shadow and light the mother of all. The strength to keep going and tread the path least travelled. You have unravelled the thread and are now spinning into the oneness of life. Under and over the thread has woven and the cloth of oneness is being revealed.

You are following the divine path as you feel again and connect to the energy of Mother Earth. Golden are you dancing with the symbols as you stand in your truth. The shadows of loss, grief and pain have been felt and released into the space from whence they came. The celebration of birth and death as one connected by peace, joy and tears.

You have embraced and balanced the masculine and feminine within you. You have given gratitude to the ancestors and the path that has been woven over and over again. Faced and felt the play of the emotions of anger, jealousy and fear. Now the magnificent you is discovering the Significant, Multidimensional Self. You are returning home and remembering how you are connected to everything.

The Insignificant Self is fading into the background with its lies and deceptions of separation and disconnection. The six elements of form and formlessness reverberate within you. Form and formlessness resonate as you. You are the creator magnificent and absolute in love and consciousness. Oh the magnificent you shimmering in gold.

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