Mother earth

What is Mother Earth?

We are Mother Earth and is time to reconnect and be present to her beauty and magnificence. The duality of separation has drawn us away from our remembering and the importance of being grounded to Mother Earth. The truth of who we are has been masked by the lies and deceptions of the Insignificant Self. We have forgotten to honour and respect ourselves and Mother Earth. The New Earth is calling us home to be conscious and feel the essence of who we are. This essence is connected to everything. Mother Earth reflects the harmony of each moment where disconnection and separation do not exist.

Stand with your bare feet on the ground and feel the truth of everything. As your heart opens the oneness of Mother Earth comes to greet you. Each day you are given the opportunity to be life fully present flowing from one moment to the next. Sit with Mother Earth and feel the truth that we are connected to everything. No one is more important then another. We are all here as teachers and students journeying from duality to the oneness of all.

Our Mother

Who loves and cherishes us.

Walk with her,

She will show you many splendours.

Have you forgotten the love of your mother?

She has not forgotten you.

Each day she bestows you with gifts.

Cherishes these gift with gratitude,

For Mother Earth is constantly giving,

Allow yourself to receive.

Bestow gifts to your mother of love and light,

Our Mother.

Sonnets of Light

from the book ‘The Journey Into The Symbols of Mother Earth’

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