The Fire Element

This is a great time to be working with the fire element. Connect to your heart and allow the fire element to burn brightly. The fire element burns the cords of attachment and Archangel Michael is connected to this element. When asked he will assist you in burning the cords of attachments. Ask yourself the question What am I attached to? Listen and feel with your heart as the answer is revealed.

What is the Fire Element? Extract from the book ‘The Journey Into The Symbols of Ancient Truths.’ The fire of life is calling you home. Step into the fire and let it consume the cords of attachments. The attachments are an illusion and are blocking your light. The fire will burn gently, and as attachments are released you be able to step back into your power. These attachments create a mask that blocks the light and shields against the fire. The ego hides behind this mask, so you forget how magnificent you are.’

Balancing treatment for the fire element.

Repeat Ma–Ha–Ka–Michael three times and then repeat I am fire three times. Imagine Archangel Michael standing before you, his sword of fire raised high. Visualise the sword touching your crown chakra at the top of your head.

Like a candle, the flame is lit. Gently, this fire travels within your body and down your feet to Mother Earth. This beautiful flame extends around your body and Mother Earth’s.

Feel this flame burning away all the lies and deceptions that have kept you separate and disconnected. Visualise your flame and Mother Earth’s flame connecting and fanning out and burning in the flame of life. Your body will feel lighter and full of joy and peace.

Allow this flame to continually burn in the vision of oneness. Give gratitude and thanks to Archangel Michael for protecting the fire within.


The heaviness of the drapes

Blocks the light.

Pull back the curtains,

And revel in the beauty before you.

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