Honouring The Ancestors

Honour those who have come before you as they have prepared the ground and planted the seeds. The birthing of the New Earth is gradually extending to touch all who reside upon Mother Earth at this time. As the shadow and light realign and become balanced. Allow yourself to feel the energy of your ancestors as they assist you in releasing emotions that are not serving you at this time. You are eternally linked to your ancestors who have paved the way for the birthing of your magnificence. Allow the threads of separation to be woven into the cloth of oneness connected to Mother Earth and beyond. Honour your ancestors in ways that resonate for you. Light a candle, pick a flower, create an altar, be life and feel their essence.

The Weaver

Creations beyond time,

Under over the threads do journey,

Create a picture, which

Is only revealed at the end of time.

Glorious to behold woven from love.

From the book ‘The Journey Into Teh Symbols of Ancient Truths’

Altar Honouring The Ancestors