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The Journey is The Treasure

‘The Journey Is The Treasure’ where I share my experience of loss and the many treasures that were experienced, especially our connection to all things. A meditation CD was created to complement the book. Each meditation relates to a colour and chakra point of the body.

Meditation CD’s The Rays of Love

This CD has been produced to complement the book ‘The Journey is the Treasure’. Each meditation relates to the chakra point of the body. The Rays of Love allow you to remember who you are and that you are connected to all things, especially Mother Earth and Father Sky. There are two CD’s The Ray’s of Love Meditation and instrumental.

The Journey From No Thing To Everything

The Journey from No-thing to Everything is where I share my personal experiences of letting go of who I think I am to become everything. Drew’s messages have been an integral part of the book, which opens us to different ways of perceiving this world. The journey is learning to remember who you are in this dance called life.  You are the creator and master of your universe as you learn to become the sovereign being that you are.

The meditations The Ray’s of Love and The Rays of Everything are tools for allowing you to step into those spaces of no-thing and discover the different chakra points of the body. I have written and created these books and meditations to honour Drew and to understand that death does not exist and to remember we are eternal beings of light.

The Journey Into The Symbols of Ancient Truths

The book is the birthing of Eleven Symbols a gift from Mother Earth and the Seven Symbols of Truth. These symbols will envelop you in the power, strength, certainty and beauty of the oneness that they represent. No symbol is more important then the other and the energy that resonates are very gentle. Absolute love is birthed from each symbol. May you enjoy this journey into these symbols where much remembering and clarity of thought emerge into the stillness of Mother Earth?

The Oracle Cards Of Ancient Truths

Oracle Cards

To complement the book, The Oracle Cards of Ancient Truths have been created. This deck of 48 coloured cards and its guidebook have been divided into six segments, each as important as the other: The Eleven Symbols of Mother Earth, The Seven Symbols of Truth, The Guardians of Mother Earth, the Guardians of Truth, The Rays of Love and The Rays of Everything. These cards bring messages of truth to balance and connect to the wholeness of life. May you enjoy working with the cards as you allow yourself to weave a cloth of oneness, which resonates in each moment.

Dying To Be Born

This book explores the difference between life and death, offering a new way of viewing them. The cycle of life is also the cycle of death, and each is as important as the other. In living, it’s time to realise how magnificent you are. Dying to be Born connects and assists you in remembering your significance. The masters of truth define who and what the significant self is and provides tools for the birthing of your significance. Dying to be Born discusses the six elements and seven truths of life and describes where they resonate in the body. The symbolism of the elements and truths will assist you through the cycles of life from birthing to transitioning. This guides and supports you in remembering that the mastery of life is the balance and connection to everything. It opens the doorway to what it means to be a multidimensional human.