What is Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is a day of love not just for certain individuals but for everyone and everything. For the people who have gone before us and to all who reside now on Mother Earth. This love should extend to all as flowers are given give gratitude to Mother Earth for the birthing of these beautiful arrays of colours. Allow yourself to receive the flowers of love. Be present to the love that moves through you and beyond. Remember how magnificent and loved you are. This love is present everyday not just on special days. Honour yourself with flowers today as love is experienced everywhere. Just stop and be present to the beauty of Mother Earth and sink into being her. This is the joy of being everything.

The Oracle Cards of Ancient Truths

What are the Oracle Cards of Ancient Truths?

The Oracle Cards of Ancient Truths welcomes you with love and light. These Oracle Cards have been created to complement the book The Journey intoThe Symbols of Ancient Truths. The cards will help you to remember the truth of who you are.

The cloth of oneness is gently unfolding across the dimension of time, and you have become lost in the dream of separation where fear and chaos have reigned. The time has come to step back into the truth and awaken to who you really are.

It is time to stand in your truth and remember the cloth of oneness. It is time to become the whole mind, perfect and magnificent. You are so much more than this body, so drop the cloaks and masks that you have hidden behind and perceive the vision of oneness birthing in each moment.

This deck of 48 coloured cards, and guidebook, have been divided into six segments, each as important as the other: The Eleven Symbols of Mother Earth, The Seven Symbols of Truth, The Guardians of Mother Earth, the Guardians of Truth, The Rays of Love and The Rays of Everything. These cards bring messages of truth to balance and connect to the wholeness of life. Enjoy working with the cards as you weave a cloth of oneness that resonates in each moment.

Mother Earth is waiting patiently for you to remember. Allow these cards to reconnect you to the earth’s magnificence and beauty. The guardians of truth and Mother Earth are here to assist you in remembering who you are. This deck of oracle cards allows you to remember the guardians that walk beside you and your connection to Mother Earth. Step into your power as the cards assist you in becoming the master again.

Special thanks to the graphic artist Donika Mishineva, who turned my original sketches into a beautiful creation. For more information, visit http://www.artofdonika.com

To purchase the oracle cards visit http://www.theraysoflove.com