About Sue and the Rays of Love

 I have spent most of my life seeking and meditating on the purpose of being here.  I am a reiki master and counsellor whom regularly hold’s Reiki Attunements, Rays of Love workshops and spiritual spaces for people who have experienced loss. I also practise individual Reiki sessions and channelling work with clients.

I was catapulted into the light and spiritual work in 2014 with the passing of my son Drew. In some ways I died myself and have been born into a new life, with Drew as a powerful force behind me. Drew’s main message to me was

Let go of the reins I am with you always. Many gifts I’m sending to you be open to receive. These human experiences are not who you are, be your true self, the light energy’. Drew 2015

Over the years the messages have accumulated into books, CD’s and now Oracle Cards. As you begin to remember your Significant Self the oneness of life comes to greet you. You become the master and creator again as the channels of feelings open the heart as you connect to everything. The experience of being life opens the doorway to absolute love and consciousness. Be present and stand in the truth of who you are. Allow Mother Earth to show you the harmony, peace and joy of life. Step beyond the shadows of the Insignificant Self and extend the light to all. Mother Earth is constantly inviting you home to the oneness of life.

A Miracle

The sun enveloping the world,

The wind whispering love to you,

The stars calling you home,

The water immersing you in stillness,

The earth grounding you in strength,

Oh the miracles of life