Walking the land

Sue and a dear soul sister of her’s have been collaborating on another initiative called ‘Walking The Land’. There is much we can learn about ourselves from the land that surrounds us. 

Sue and Hanneke take a conscious walk through  properties to explore and reveal the stories held within it and how they can correlate with the lives of those living on it. In turn these undertakings help restore an original balance with peace and abundance unexpectedly re-available.

Sometimes this repair takes place within the land or the structures that are built upon it. The walking of the land is a gentle process with powerful results as energies are released and healing is allowed to evolve innately.

Sue and Hanneke walk the land with a knowing of what needs releasing and healing safely. This initiative is an excellent opportunity to improve the flow of energy, which positively impacts on the overall well-being of all who live on the land.


Workshops connecting oneself to the inner light and the essence of Mother Earth and Father Sky.